Light Challenge 2015 | Nieuw licht op de binnenstad

Light Challenge 2015 takes on a new approach, though the aspects of sustainability, energy reduction and participation of municipality and citizen are still important factors in the project.
Main focus will be on city centres, in contrary of the earlier editions where residential streets were targeted.
Nieuw licht op de binnenstad (new lighting for the urban interior) offers the students a broad pallet of challenges as each area has its own dynamics, issues, architectural style and all kind of users.

Winning team SpOt: Ruben Boelhouwers, Nathalie Houben, Marissa da Thesta – Jacobs de Bok and Dustin Vos students Industrial Product Design at Windesheim Flevoland, has created a lighting design for the ‘Markt’ (market square) in Almere-Haven.
This team has been supported, amongst others, by C.Light.Wise, Industrielicht, Sapa and the municipality of Almere.
The redesign of the square including a new lighting design based on the Light Challenge is intended to be realized end of 2017

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