About C.Light.Wise

C.Light.Wise gives advice, develops lighting concepts and makes lighting designs for indoor and outdoor areas. This is combined with the curiosity of looking for a link between aesthetics and functionality.

Form, colour, materialisation, surrounding and usability of an area or space differs each time and this makes every space have its own uniqueness.
To create a lighting design that is adapted to the required space, a specialistic view and a customized design is required.

To achieve this it is important to go through several phases:

  • firstly, it is necessary to carefully make an inventory of the space, surroundings and wishes.
  • Subsequently a vision has to be developed. The vision will entail a visualisation and description of a lighting scene that combines the wishes of the client applied to the possibilities a certain space offers.
  • When there is a clear vision, a draft will be created. In this draft the vision will become concrete and materialised.
  • If the draft is agreed upon, the final design is developed.
  • To secure the essence and quality of the design, C.Light.Wise can have an supervising role during the realisation.


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