About Carlijn Timmermans

While I was studying Interior Architecture at the Hogeschool in Utrecht (University of the Arts in Utrecht), I have learned a lot about how to use space, form, colour, materials and about architecture. I did not only learn about the technical part of designing something, but I also learned about the difference between observing and perceiving.
During the period I studied in Florence, my fascination for lighting design was triggered. In the vast majority of art and architecture, lighting is an indispensable element. The synergy that can exist between lighting and space can become almost magical.
During my traineeships at an architectural firm, lighting designers were assigned to various projects to complete the overall picture. This made everything fall into place for me. After all, no matter how well a design is, without proper lighting it is not visible.

After I graduated, I started working at a designing division for a light manufacturer where I learned the tricks of the trade.
Thereafter I worked for a lighting advisory and design firm where I familiarised myself with several applications.
Since December 2012 I have been working as an independent lighting designer which allows me to combine my passion for spatial design, lighting design and my communication skills to enthusiastically work on projects where lighting design is indispensable.

In September 2014 I’ve started studying again, and gained my M.A. of the 2-year Master programme ‘Architectural Lighting and Design Management’ at the University of Applied Sciences in Wismar, Germany in September 2016.

Early 2019 I had an interview for Women in Lighting. See the clip below or check womeninlighting.com for more information.

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